May 27, 2024
7 Outdoor Wall Lanterns You Should Add to Your Home

7 Outdoor Wall Lanterns You Should Add to Your Home

7 Outdoor Wall Lanterns You Should Add to Your Home

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If you are thinking of going in for outdoor wall light fixtures, you can pat yourself on the back. It shows you are not doing this only for beautification but are also of the tremendous help they would provide from a security perspective.

These fixtures light up the area brilliantly and are more than a deterrent for burglars. There are many types of these lights – both electrical and battery operated. From lanterns to sconces to LED lights, you can have them all. Just plan the positioning of these fixtures for maximum visibility and coherence with the outdoor space you have.

You may already have wall lanterns inside your home, but you may not be taking advantage of all the benefits they can offer in other parts of your property. While these are especially handy in creating an inviting, warm glow in a foyer or hallway, there are many places outside that could benefit from the addition of an outdoor wall lantern as well.

These stylish fixtures can not only add aesthetic appeal to your patio or deck, but also provide illumination and security when it’s dark outside. To find some of the best outdoor wall lanterns on the market today, read on for our list of favorites!

Patio lights for lantern style

There are several different styles of patio lights that can be used on or around your home or yard. When you think of outdoor lights, most people automatically gravitate towards lantern-style lighting, and for good reason. They provide a high level of ambient light that feels warm and comfortable in your outdoor living space.

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The additional aesthetic appeal adds a layer of depth and beauty to what may otherwise seem like an otherwise lackluster outdoor area. For those who want a more modern option, there are some great contemporary hanging wall lanterns available as well as standing floor lamps that can also offer that same intimate glow!

Metal wall light ideas

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If you are looking for wall light ideas for your outdoor space, there are some that can help brighten your garden and provide safety. Choose those with built-in solar lights or those that have rechargeable batteries and an on/off switch. Having these features will make it easier to save money on electricity costs while also making sure that your wall light can be easily turned on when there is a power outage.

During stormy weather, having a good lighting system around your home can also prevent accidents in dark areas of your yard. When choosing a wall light design, you should consider how much you want to spend, as well as what type of finish would best suit your home’s exterior.

Decorative wall sconces with glass covers

If you’re looking for a really unique and beautiful way to illuminate your home, try one of these decorative wall sconces. They not only offer great value but their sleek glass covers also help enhance any room’s decor.

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When looking for lighting fixtures or anything else in your home, don’t settle for something that looks out of place; instead, choose a design that complements all aspects of your décor and makes a real statement. If you want something fun or quirky, these wall sconces are sure to provide an exciting visual element that will be a true conversation starter among your guests.

Outdoor fixtures with cage covers

The most common form of cage lighting is a steel cage. A pre-determined amount of air flows through these cages, usually by way of an adjustable sliding vent. The most popular cage light is made from brushed or polished brass and hangs on either a wall mount or pole mount. It’s also very easy to find them in other materials, like bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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If you prefer not having a bright and obtrusive source of illumination right outside your window, consider choosing one that’s either completely hidden by foliage or only partially visible when passing by (such as semi-flush lighting). All outdoor fixtures should be fully weatherproofed so they don’t have to be taken down when you store them for winter.

Classic mid-century home light designs

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If you’re looking for a mid-century design that’s inexpensive and easy to install, consider installing an exterior wall sconce. These are completely functional as well as decorative and can be placed throughout your home in order to add style in any location that needs it. While you might typically think of outdoor use, there’s no reason these sconces can’t be used indoors as well! A good wall lantern is even better when combined with other modern accessories like high-end fixtures or furniture pieces.

Old world design styles

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When designing with traditional lanterns, use styles from all over Europe. French designs are popular for their country elegance and simple lines, while English lanterns draw influence from romanticism. Old-world lanterns are available in a wide range of colors, so you can find one that matches your home’s exterior color scheme.

A black French lantern fits well on a red brick exterior, while an elegant bronze lamp goes well with gray stone. The finishes you choose should also match your home’s exterior and another outdoor lighting; copper outdoor wall lights pair nicely with gazebos or patios featuring wrought iron furniture pieces or fire pits in order to create a cohesive look throughout your space.

Industrial look wall sconces

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Industrial-style lighting is classic and versatile, with simple lines and lots of exposed hardware. It’s a great way to incorporate an industrial style in your home without going overboard, plus it can add an element of authenticity that most other styles don’t have. The look works especially well with rustic or antique furnishings.

Metal wall sconces are usually either black or rusty gold, but you can find them in all sorts of materials (plastic, wood) and finishes (polished nickel, matte copper). Some models have a long rod attached to hold several candles; others simply stand on their own while still others are designed as pieces of furniture themselves.

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